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How You Should Choose A Piano Storage Facility Everybody would agree to the fact that pianos are indeed specialty items and that these should be handled properly so that its quality and beautiful sound will be preserved. It could be that you have an heirloom piano that has been kept for generations or a new one in your living room, the most important thing is to take care of them as best as you could. People may have different reasons why they may need to have their pianos stored and it could be because they are moving, or downsizing, remodeling, or perhaps they just have plans of changing the d?cor. You number one priority when choosing a storage facility must always be about how to keep your piano safe. Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind whenever you plan to keep your pianos to a specialized storage facilty: The Importance of a Controlled Climate Keep in mind that factors like humidity, rain, heat, and cold weather are what endangers the good condition of a piano. They are known to be quite a temperamental specialty item and therefore you must make sure that they are only kept in a climate-controlled facility so as not to mess up its mint condition. You have to consider the fact that the strings, keys, and wood will all be affected in the worst way even with just the slightest change of temperature.
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One of the best way for you to make sure that your piano’s condition is safe is to ensure that only professional movers handle your piano when moving it in and out of the facility. The smart move to make here is to inquire if there are trusted movers in your chosen storage unit facility to help you move your piano. You should avoid committing the same mistake that most people do who think that they can actually move their piano just by themselves and not by professionals. This move actually poses a risk not only for the safety of your piano but for you as well. How They Preserve the Quality One of the first things you should inquire from them is to know how they would store the piano. You could also ask them for pictures as proof of the pianos that are stored in their storage facility. You have to always make sure that they would wrap your piano using a special moving pads so and that they can assure you that your piano will be stored safely and securely. Also make sure that you talk to them about special concerns if there are any with your piano and that they should also be warned of any other things to look out for or if they should be aware of anything else. Ask How Easy Can Your Piano Be Moved In and Out If you plan to have professional movers handle your piano in getting it in and out of the facility, you should ask how easy that is. You might not be so sure about when you can have your piano moved, it is nice to know just when can you actually be able to move it in or out.